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Get that look!

Hello my BonLook Beauties, 
Today’s blog post is another edition of our “Get That Look” feature. This time, I will be showing you how to get that oh-so-academic geek chic look. Before we get to the look I threw together, I’d like to share my thoughts on something a little left of the topic at hand. If you’re not interested, feel free to scroll now. Stop when you hit pretty pictures and you’ll have successfully avoided my rant. 
I think, largely, the whole “glasses=geeky and/or intelligent” myth has been dispelled. I think it is now widely acknowledged that there is no causal or even correlative relationship between glasses wearing and IQ (admittedly that there was a pretty geeky sentence…but let’s move past this, shall we?). 
I want to be so bold as to argue that no single pair of glasses embodies one look to the exclusion of others. A bit esoteric for a “Get That Look” blog post, but I think, as a Stylist, an important point nonetheless. This isn’t to say that certain frames are not evocative of or inspired by a certain style. Of course they are. Also, the inspiration behind many of our frames does guide one toward great ideas about how to style them.  Glasses, however, are an accessory—and YOU are the accessorizer (yes, I may have just coined that word). YOU decide whether frames are geek chic or office chic by rocking them according to your own vision. 
Okay, rant over. Onto the look!


Being a bit (ahem, a lot) of a geek myself, I was really excited to create this look. I feel like I had an over-abundance of inspiration and had to choose one particular manifestation of the geek chic style. This look is inspired by many of my geeky interests—with a special focus on Doctor Who. I decided to be a bit subtle and incorporate my love for The Doctor with a celestial-inspired skirt and funky colors instead of being too blatant. It is geek chic after all—not just plain geek!  
Get That Look: Geek Chic
1) Drink The Kool Aid in Walnut, BonLook. $99. 
2) Classic Pearl Studs in Grey, Oliver Bonas. $22. 
3) Crop Pullover, ORGANIC by John Patrick. $240. 
4) 11’’ Satchel, The Cambridge Company. $160. 
5) Starburst Cluster Galaxy Skirt, shadowplay nyc. $138. 
6) Charlie Brogue, Indigo by Clarks. $110. 
7) Couture Braided Wrap Bracelet, Lucca. $35. 
Do you dig the geek chic look? Do you have any secret (or perhaps not so secret) geeky pleasures? Share here! I’d love to hear all about it. 

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