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Mel & Sophie’s Favourite Things: April Edition


Good day my BonLook Beauties!

So April has come and gone, and here in Montreal we have experienced everything from snow to intense heat. It seems, however, that warm weather is now here to stay. It really seems like the city transforms as the weather does; Montreal blooms in the sunshine! Although we’re not quite in the summer zone yet, the scent of what’s soon to come is now definitively in the air. In the summertime, Montreal is rife with wonderful outdoor shows, festivals, delicious foods, parades and happy, easygoing people. Here at BonLook, the Stylists and I are all so happy about the current weatherly state of affairs that we constructed a mini “office” outside by the canal so that we could spend a while working in the sunshine! 
Today I am bringing to you a little foray into the lives of Sophie and Mel—BonLook’s gorgeous co-founders (and the backbone of our beloved company). This post marks the advent of one of the monthly features I promised would be coming: Mel & Sophie’s Favourite Things. At the beginning of each month, these lovely ladies are going to share a few of their most-loved things from the previous month. I caught up with them the other day, and here’s what they had to say about their favourite things from April: 


1) My bike. 
2) Tulips. 
3) Teal and spring accessories. Especially a combination of both!
1) Donna nail colour by Julep. 
2) Sheila Snow in Hot Fushsia by Sole Society. 
3) Colour Me Rad charity run! Can’t wait!
4) Grilled Shrimp. 
I also caught up with a few of the BonLook Stylists who shared some of their favourite things from last month. Many are very springy-esque things as well—I think everyone’s got sunshine on the mind. 

1) Ice cream. In particular, chocolate ice cream. Even more specifically, ice cream that contains the most possible chocolate. 
2) Gluten-free baking (Do you want some recipes?? Let Veronica know!)
3) I have really loved picnicking with friends by the Lachine canal. Our office is right by the canal, so I’ve kind of discovered this real Montreal gem since the weather has warmed up. 
1) Sangria! Actually, just Mexican food in general. I’m really into anything with a kick this month. I’m especially loving Jalapeno poppers! 
2) I can’t stop wearing my new Michael Kors flats. I just got his Fulton Monogram Jacquard Moccasin ones and they are SO comfy. Totally a worthwhile investment. 
3) Going to the movies has been a favourite pastime of mine over the last month. It’s such a lovely way to relax with friends on the weekend!
1) Hats! I have always wanted to incorporate more hats into my outfits, and with the upcoming The Great Gatsby film, I’ve actually started getting really into those adorable 1920s style cloche hats. 
2) My Urban Dandy sunglasses have been getting a lot of wear. They’re such a versatile shape so I found myself reaching for them loads last month. 
3) I really loved 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. It’s a long read, but I got so into the plot that I zipped through the 1000+ pages within 2 weeks! If you’re into modern fiction with a sort of surrealist (bordering on magic realism) feel, definitely give this (or another of his books) a read! 

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