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Get That Look: Mad Men Edition


Hello BonLook Beauties!

We couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming season of Mad Men (we might be counting down the days), and what better way to fuel our anticipating than by creating some ultra-affordable retro looks inspired by some of the shows stylish leading ladies?

I put together two different looks based on the style of two of the most iconic female characters in the show: Betty and Joan. These two women are very different—both in terms of personality and fashion—but both incredibly beautiful! In keeping with BonLook’s drive for affordable fashion, each item in these two looks cost $100 or less! That way, you can incorporate a few of these retro-inspired gems into your wardrobe without breaking the bank and unleash your inner Joan or Betty (or perhaps even both, if the mood strikes—at this price you can allow your day-to-day prerogative dictate your retro digs)!


When I think of Joan’s style, I instantly think of bright colors and curve-hugging dresses. Joan boasts a large volume of sexiness and she has managed to hone the balance between voluptuous and professional. For example, she wears form-fitting dresses but they’re never too short. That said, her style does lean more toward bold than modest! Her sensuous style is powerful; I tried to get that across in this look. 
Get Joan’s Look:
1) Dress: What I Amaryliss Dress, ModCloth. $34
2) Shoes: Songbird Heels, Asos. $59
3) Lipstick: ‘Be Legendary’ in Mandarin, Smashbox, $19
4) Bracelet: Sag Harbor Bracelet, Amrita Singh, $50
5) Earrings: Sunrise Crystal, Amrita Singh, $100.
6) Bag: Ledebuhr Clutch, Aldo, $35. 
7)Sunglasses: Honeybadger Chocolate Tortoise, BonLook, $99.

Betty, on the other hand, is a remarkably demure beauty. She isn’t modest in excess, but her style is refined and feminine. She keeps up with the trends but also carries herself with a timeless elegance and beauty. Some of the gorgeous dresses she has worn over the years have really awed me. She always manages to look the part in any situation. I wanted her classic (and classy) beauty to shine through in this affordable take on her style. 

Get Betty’s Look:
1) Dress: Printed Lace Dress, Miss Selfridge, $65
2) Shoes: Amica Beige, KG Kurt Geiger, $91
3) Bag: Nude Triangle Lock Clutch, New Look, $20
4) Earrings: Debutante Pearl Stud, Henri Bendel, $48
5) Nail Polish: ‘Man Men’ Nail Lacquer, Estee Lauder, $24
6) Crystal and Sterling Silver Tennis, Gisele St. Moritz, $98
7) Sunglasses: La Marquise Black, BonLook, $99
I really hope you ladies like these looks as much as I do! I really enjoyed putting them together for you.  I must say, I personally lean the most toward Betty’s classic style myself. In terms of personality, however, I think I’m more of a contemporary-minded Peggy. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on these looks or on the show in general! Whose style do you relate to most? Whose do you admire? Whose personality is most like yours, and why? 
Until next time…
Stay stylish & keep smiling, 

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