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BonLook Blog Reborn


Hello BonLook Beauties!

My, my, my—has it been a while or what! We are thrilled to announce that our poor, neglected blog is about to be revived full-force and that we’ll be working hard to bring you all some really brilliant content over the coming weeks. Just to give y’all a teensy glimpse of what we’ve got planned…

Monthly Features

  • Soph & Mel’s favourite things: The co-founders of BonLook are always raving about their latest food crush, favourite book, fashion infatuation or beauty product (the words “miracle in a bottle” get thrown around quite a bit around these parts). Sophie and Melanie are absolutely psyched to share their absolutely favourite things with some of their all-time favourite people. Yes, in case you were wondering, that’s you!
  • Fashion crush of the month: Yep, this is quite a tall order. We have a new fashion crush that is entirely swoon-worthy almost every day, so choosing just one each month might pose a bit of a challenge.  Our goal, though, is to bring you a feature on an exceedingly stylish lady each month and tell you why we love her so much (and why you should too!)
  •  Get that look for less: As you well know, us BonLook gals are majorly fond of affordable style and finding creative fashion fixes. Heck, our whole rasion d’etre, if you will, is to provide super-stylish affordable eyewear. After all, glasses should be a fun fashion accessory and not just another unsightly expense. Okay, okay, enough us and our happy eyeball edict! Each month, we will choose our favourite trend and sleuth out the best way to score that look without breaking that pocketbook (‘cause it’s super cute!).

Alongside that, we have a bunch of other stuff in the works that we think you’ll love! For example, we are planning to share all our news about promos, new collections, exciting design collaborations, and have exclusive contests for you beautiful BonLookers! Also, we are planning on featuring exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in the fashion blogosphere. And this stuff here is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to what we’ve got in our back pockets for you.

So, the take home message here: expect big and expect brilliant.

Stay beautiful and keep smiling!


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