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Fashion Crush of the Month: June



As you may have already heard, our Fashion Crush for the month of June is the adorable Carey Mulligan! Here at BonLook, we’ve been admirers of both Carey’s immense talent and her understated style for quite some time. So as you probably expect, we have been utterly delighted by the recent upsurge of Carey in magazines, on TV and all over fashion blogs. That’s why we’ve chosen to dedicate the whole month of June to her fabulous style!

Why we love her so much

Carey is a tremendously talented actress who has just recently made her way into the upper echelons of Hollywood’s Greatest with her role as Daisy Buchanan in the screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Prior to making this big splash in mainstream North American media, she appeared in a multitude of amazing British television programs (see: Doctor Who, Bleak House, Northanger Abbey). Carey also played the leading role of Jenny in the widely acclaimed (and totally brilliant) An Education in 2009. If you have the opportunity to catch Carey in any of these films or TV shows, definitely go for it—you won’t regret doing so.

On a more personal level, Carey is an incredibly compassionate advocate for many causes. Most notably, she is the ambassador of the Alzheimer’s Society, where her role is to raise awareness about the disease.  

In addition to being a gifted actress and charitable person, Carey has an enviably understated look. She has a knack for being able to keep her look to the pared down essentials. The overall motif of her look seems to be superbly feminine silhouettes in sleek fabrics. She has a style that manages to simultaneously embrace and transcend trends. Simply put, she has timeless elegance. Of course, this also extends to her choices in eyewear, where she favours oversized shapes and soft angles.

If you want to snag a little bit of her timeless elegance for yourself, I have a few suggestions for sunglasses that I think she’d love.

Honeybadger Chocolate Tortoise: This adorable cat eye is the perfect marriage between classic and trendy. Also, the colour Chocolate Tortoise is a fabulous earthy neutral that will stun with any style of clothes.

Square One Grey: I decided Grey would be the perfect colour choice to complement Carey’s fair complexion, and I think she would really like the way that these oversized square shades have really smooth, almost rounded edges.

Wasabi Chestnut: Sometimes Carey is spotted wearing absolutely gorgeous, flowing bohemian-style stresses. We think that these more casual frames would look amazing with one of those relaxed outfits!

Since we love Carey’s style so much, we’re offering $20 off all of these styles until June 10th! Want some? Click here to find out how to save.

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