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Sweet Indulgences: Spa Day for Under $100


The whole concept of sweet indulgences that don’t break the bank is the subject of this blog post. After a long, hard week of trying on sunglasses, blogging, and Intagramming/Tweeting/Facebooking (ahem, yeah, I know my job is awesome) I love to pamper myself with an afternoon of relaxation. If you can afford to have a weekly spa day, then kudos to you lucky lady! This post is for the rest of us who love to have a lavish afternoon but don’t want to shell out too much. I’ll be sharing my favourite at-home pamper session where everything comes to less than $100 (hey, just like your future new prescription sunnies!)

As some of you may already know, we have an amazing promotion going on from now until Monday June 17th where ALL our prescription sunglasses are at 20% off. It was actually our co-founder/creative genius behind our glasses designs, Sophie Boulanger, who thought of the concept. She told me that the first time she tried prescription sunglasses, it felt like such an indulgence! She recalls the feeling of being able to finally see totally clearly while rocking stylish sunnies and certainly has not looked back since. Sometimes people are a bit hesitant to invest in a pair of Rx sunnies because they’re not quite as mandatory as Rx eyeglasses. Well, at 20% off our already ultra-affordable prices (read: $99)…what better time than to treat yourself to some sweet summer style?

Anyways, without further ado, here’s your Saturday afternoon home-spa itinerary:  


12:00- A Healthy Lunch-I’m no master chef, but when I have the time I do enjoy making a simple but healthy meal for myself. I saw this recipe in a newsletter from Julep and it looks delish! Here’s what I will be making next Saturday!

1:30-A Home Facial-I love to really take the time to treat my skin right. Use your favourite skincare products, or try out some of mine. See below for all the deets. 

2:30-World’s Longest Bath-I’ve been known to stay in the bath so long that I have to add an extra dose of hot water and bubbles. My all-time favourite bath elixir is a generous amount of any Epsom salt and a few squirts of any mint and eucalyptus bubble bath. For an affordable option, check out Bath & Body Work’s one. 

4:00-Mani/Pedi-Doing this for yourself can save you nearly $100 a go. While it’s great to have someone with real expertise to do your nails for you, it’s also fantastic to learn how to give yourself a great mani-pedi at home. For some of my favourite resources on how to DIY it, see below. 

6:00-A gorgeous drink and a good book- This combination changes every week or so (I’m a fast reader). This Saturday, I’ll be reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami and drinking Iced Chai Tea Latte. If the weather is nice, I’ll be outside on my patio, probably rocking my Urban Dandy Sunglasses in Cognac

By suppertime, you’ll feel reinvigorated and ready for anything! Depending on how much of this stuff you already have kicking around at home, this can cost you anywhere between nothing and a modest $88 (for the book, skincare items, and mani-pedi goods)! 

DIY Mani/Pedi Resources

For perfect nails: 

For gorgeous feet:

Mani kit:

Nail polish:

Budget Skincare Suggestions





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