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Get That Look for Less: Carey Mulligan Edition


Putting together a look that embodies Carey Mulligan’s timeless style wasn’t too much of a challenge. The challenge was in keeping each piece as affordable as possible. I think that this look, which combines certain elements of her iconic red carpet simplicity and her day-to-day classic fare, is a pretty big triumph. Not only is each piece individual under $100 (as per the “Get That Look For Less” mantra), but also everything collectively only comes to a staggeringly reasonable $234!

I decided to go with a LBD look because Carey is often spotted wearing stunning black shift dresses to movie premieres and other chic events, and because it’s a style that can readily be adapted to non-celeb lifestyles too. I hate to be so anachronistic, but it really is true that having a perfectly tailored LBD (little black dress, for the unacquainted) can save many “what do I wear to X event?” woes. Choosing the perfect one can be a little challenging, but once you find it, you’re pretty much set in terms of semi-formal wear. I’m not going to go into how to choose the perfect style of LBD for each body type in this post, but if this is something you’d be interested in reading about then let me know and I’ll throw together a guide!

Anyways, now onto the good stuff. Here is the look I created for Carey Mulligan, our amazingly adorable Fashion Crush for the month of June:


These are a couple of the snapshots I used as inspiration for this look:



Want to re-create this budget style?

1. Honeybadger Chocolate Tortoise, $99.

2. Sleeveless Asymmetric Shift Dress, Label Lab. $36. 

3. Dangle Earrings, Adia Kibur. $30. 

4. Braided Curb Chain, Forever 21. $7. 

5. Fold-Over Faux Leather Clutch, Forever 21. $20. 

6. London Rebel Black Micro Suede Cut Out Heel, $42. 

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