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Mel & Sophie’s Faves


Welcome to the latest edition of the feature where you get the inside scoop on what the awesome co-founders of BonLook have been loving this month! This is one of my favorite features because, through sharing these things with you, I’m also frequently introduced to some absolutely amazing stuff. I’d love to hear about the things you’ve all be wild about through the month, so leave a comment here (or e-mail me at and let me know! If I hear from enough of you, maybe we can even start a reader’s faves feature too. 

On with the show?

Mel’s Faves


1. Russian Doll Olive, BonLook. $49. “I’m loving the gorgeous bright colors and retro shape of our new Russian Doll sunglasses. My absolute favorite color is the Olive but they’re all gorgeous!” 

2. Concho Wing Cuff, The 2Bandits. $148. “To be honest I love basically all the bracelets that they sell, but this is a particular fave of mine.” 

3. Praslin Chevron Dress, Dorothy Perkins. $79. ” I love chevron print in general, and I’ve really been feeling it in summer dresses this season. It’s the perfect compromise between put-together and fun!” 

4. Poise of Summer Flat in Candy Stripes, ModCloth. $36. “I’ve been wearing flats, flats and MORE flats! I’m crushing particularly hard on this pair because of how comfy they are and the stripey colors—I mean, what’s not to love?!” 

Sophie’s Faves


1. Wonderland in Carmine, BonLook. $49. ” It was tough picking just one style from our Traveler’s Collection because I truly am crazy about them all. I went with Wonderland because they’re really chic and oversized and really different from anything we have had at BonLook before! I really think you guys will love them!”

2. Mint Watermelon Soda: “I found this recipe on Audrey Kitching’s blog. It’s so simple and delicious. It’s like a treat but it’s also quite healthy at the same time. So refreshing on a hot summer day!” 

3. Purple Grape Bikini, Topshop. $54. “I’ve been really into high-waist bikinis in general this summer. I love how they add a bit of retro to a look and it’s really different from my typical swimwear style.” 

4. Elana Necklace in Madori, Emma Stine. $25. ” I love the look of this necklace as a statement piece. It is super affordable too. Check the site out-there’s some gorgeous stuff on there!” 

So there you have it! Another slew of awesome stuff to check out. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Don’t forget to drop us a line or leave a comment sharing some of your faves!

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