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"Because home doesn’t happen overnight" is the memorable tagline of Dana’s blog, House Tweaking. It immediately engages the reader, speaking to everyone’s desire to create a space for themselves where they can feel their best.

Dana discovered her passion for interior design while she was updating her starter home and working on her second home. Eventually, she and her husband bought a small 1950’s ranch in much need of some TLC. They deemed it “The Underdog.” 

"It’s not our dream house but, rather, the house in which to pursue our dreams," said Dana.

House Tweaking documents the exciting transformation of her home, while providing readers with useful tips and tricks of their own.

I had the chance to interview Dana. You may read the transcript below!

1. Why do you continue to blog?

"I don’t know how NOT to at this point! It is such a creative outlet for me. To be in a virtual community where everyone shares similar passions is pure inspiration. I don’t feel like I’ve reached my full potential yet, so that’s another reason I keep at it."

2. What inspires you?

"Anything. Literally. Books, print and e-magazines, blogs, self-made artists, photography, nature, houses I drive by, restaurants, the color of my daughter’s eyes. It can be overwhelming at times. I have a huge appreciation for any and all design styles. Mine is still evolving. I’m finding that I’m especially drawn to simple, but well considered architecture, cozy textures, cognac leather, natural light, and wood tones with a dose of patterned textiles. I admire people and families whom live small. Since downsizing about two years ago, I am obsessed with modest, tidy homes."

3. What have you learned through blogging?

"There are the specific things like editing pictures, installing wood flooring, creating mood boards, networking, shooting in manual mode, HTML coding (ugh), creating a vignette, etc. But there are broader things, too. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my style and the kind of home I want to create for my family."

4. What do you like about eyewear?

"No more eye twitching! I had a perpetual twitch just below my right eye for nearly two months before I got my new eyeglasses. It was so unnerving. It turns out, the vision in my right eye had changed for the worse."

5. What eyewear trends are you loving?

"Nerdy = sexy."

6. What do you like about BonLook?

"I love that I am able to virtually try on and select stylish frames from the comfort of my own home. Anything that keeps me from dragging three bouncy kids into a store filled with a million fragile things is a good thing in my book!"

Thanks Dana, and keep on blogging! Don’t forget to check out her blog for a BonLook giveaway:

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