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DIY: Hair Garlands

Garlands are a fun, on-trend summer accessory popularized by celebrities like Lana Del Rey (pictured above in a still from her “Born to Die” music video).

Here’s a set of easy DIY instructions, so you can make your very own customized piece!

You will need:

1. Garden wire

2. Flowers

3. Garden shears or very strong scissors

You can likely find all these supplies at your local dollar store. Choose flowers of any size and color and feel free to mix and match. You can even add leaves. The choices are endless!


1. Fit the garden wire around your head and add two inches. It should be around 25 inches in circumference.

2. Clip the wire to the desired size and twist the ends together, overlapping them where you’ve given an extra two inches.

3. Remove each flower from the stalk, if any. Each flower should have a hole in the center. If they do not, this is fine.

4. Cut off a two-inch long section of garden wire.

5. Loop the two-inch garden wire through the hole in the center of the flower and twist it onto your garden wire crown (what you’ve measured on your head in step 1). If your flower does not have a hole in the center, simply attach it by twisting the wire around its base.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you’ve covered your garden wire crown with flowers… You’re done!


Beware of cat! All those wires and flowers lying around are sure to arouse the attention of your feline companion, if you have one.


Finally, enjoy your new hair garland! I guarantee you won’t be able to make just one. 

Here I am poolside wearing the Urban Dandy in black:


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