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Copenhaven’s Gold and Glitter Dipped Feathers DIY


We just love this gold and glitter dipped feathers DIY from Copenhaven:

Here’s how it’s done…


  • Metallic gold craft paint
  • Large white craft feathers
  • Gold craft glitter 
  • Plastic cup
  • String


Pour paint into a plastic cup for easy dipping.

Dip the feather tips into the paint.

Brush off the excess paint from the back of the feathers onto the cup rim to reduce goopiness.

Immediately sprinkle glitter on the freshly-dipped feather tips.

Next, you’ll want to put your feathers somewhere to dry. Make sure they are secure on/in something while they dry so they don’t fall. And also make sure you have something underneath them to catch any drippings.

Let dry over night.

Can be used for garlands, displayed in a vase, etc.

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