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Q: What does the Marlowe, Drink the Cool Aid, Flanagan, and Whiskey have in common? A: Chic diamond shaped accents! Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend.

Meet Our New Blogger: Christine Lariviere


Why BonLook?

I was immediately pulled in by their unique aesthetic. Their designs are youthful, innovative, and fashion forward, yet they draw upon vintage influences perfectly. This harmony of the new and the familiar makes for a truly versatile and accessible product –there’s a pair of BonLook glasses for every woman!

Here at BonLook, we love well-read ladies of all-kinds, from blog aficionados to English majors studying the literary canon. Reflect your penchant for the written word with a look that’s academic chic. Think a pair of our black square frame glasses, an oversized blazer, and a well-worn book-bag. In that same scholastic spirit, we’ve decided it would be fun to have our new blogger, Christine, fill out a partial Proust questionnaire:

  1. Your favorite virtue: Kindness, pure and simple.
  2. Your chief characteristic: Curiosity
  3. Your favorite occupation: I always need to keep my hands busy, which has usually resulted in writing. I also enjoy drawing, painting, making stained glass windows, and playing the piano.
  4. Your idea of happiness: See above. To be done constantly and endlessly.
  5. Your favorite heroines in fiction: Scout Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird, Hermoine Granger of Harry Potter
  6. Your favorite heroines in real life: The women in my family, who are all strong in their own way. My spectacularly brilliant friends, who inspire and challenge me.
  7. Your favorite heroines in world history: Ada Lovelace, Mary Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, Nellie Bly, Marie Curie, Ursula Franklin, Germaine Greer, bell hooks, Naomi Wolf…
  8. Your favorite motto: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” –George Bernard Shaw

Please join us in welcoming Christine to the team!

PS: She is wearing the Whiskey in tortoise (pictured above).

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