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Friday (almost) Freebie: DIY Glasses Cleaner

Today I am going to share an eyewear-themed DIY project that will save you some serious money. Buying commercial cleaners for your lenses can set you back a cool $10 or more a pop. A few bottles down the line, you’ll be wishing you could have saved that hard-earned cash of yours and picked up that second pair BonLook glasses—you know, that pair you had your eyes on last time you visited the site—instead of this darn bottled transience! Well, it’s time to rejoice, fellow eyewear-lovers. After a little experimentation, I think I was able to concoct the perfect imitation glasses cleaning spray! You can try it for yourself. The recipe below costs mere pennies and is (in my opinion) just as effective as any commercial cleaner I’ve tried.

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