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Women We Love: Oana Befort


I am excited to introduce a brand new feature where we’ll be interviewing an intelligent, inspirational and all-around impressive lady in order to share some of her talent and creative insight with all of you. Right now, we are hoping to be able to share someone amazing with you on a weekly basis. We also, however, really want to know who inspires you. If you know an incredible woman that you think we’d love and that others would love to hear about, please drop us a line at and let us know a bit about her. We are always so thrilled to hear your thoughts and to be introduced to even more impressive women! 

Early on in my history with BonLook, Melanie (one of our co-founders) introduced me to the artwork of Oana Befort. I was immediately impressed by her unique artistic style and her very blatant talent and creativity. I was so impressed by her work that when we decided to start the Women We Love feature, hers was the first name that popped into my mind. I figured that there would be no harm in asking if this ultra-talented artist would be willing to be featured on our humble blog. To my blissful surprise, Oana not only agreed to be interviewed but also sent me loads of beautiful artwork to share with you all as well.

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